Computer Trivia #4: The Truth Behind The Virus Nickname Chernobyl

Do you know that on the  13th anniversary of Russia’s nuclear disaster that said to be the deadliest, a windows virus known as “chernobyl” damaged around 500,000 hard drive? Its screen name “Chernobyl Virus” was created because the first payload trigger of the said virus was coincidentally fall on April 16, 1999 which was the 13th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

Chernobyl a.k.a. CIH or a spacefiller is a Microsoft Windows Virus that can literally destroy a computer. This virus that was written by Chen Ing Hau during his college days at Taiwan’s Tatung University way back 1998. Chernobyl is considered one of the most damaging viruses as it was created to infect Windows based operating system by overwriting crucial information on the infected system drives, and sometimes corrupting the system BIOS. It infects

Chernobyl virus transmit under the portable executable file format to some of Windows operating system like 95, 98 and ME. Luckily,Windows NT-based OS is free from this virus. It will then split its code into small bits and embed its parts into the inter-section gaps between files and then rewrite a re-assembly routine. Because of its method of just filling the gaps, the virus do not grow its size, making if difficult for the antivirus software to identify it. This acquired the virus its another name “Spacefiller