Computer Trivia #5: The Origin of Computer Mouse

computer mouseDo you know that the computer mouse you are actually using now was called “mouse” because  of the cord?

The computer mouse was invented by an American inventor named Douglas Carl Engelbart. The idea of the mouse started with his thoughts of finding way for people to interact with the computer screen. According to him, their team’s early ideas are having a big heavy tracking ball that looks like a cannonball, a different gadgets with pivot that moves around, a light panel and a joystick that when you wiggle will allow you to steer things. In the end, the mouse was invented. The first mouse looked like a wooden shell with two metals.

The mouse was first called x-y position indicator, then nicknamed mouse by one of Engelbert’s team mate. They were hoping that it would get a decent name once they released it to the world, apparently it did not and was called Mouse until now.