Cool Facebook Chat Client – Chit Chat for Facebook

Technology has absolutely revolutionized our lives in recent years, with mobile and Internet technologies being introduced to essentially ensure that you can chat to family, friends and colleagues 24 hours a day. Instant messaging has certainly been instrumental in enabling people to chat as and when they like online but has become particularly popular when paired with social networking sites like Facebook. Chit Chat for Facebook is a desktop Facebook application that should be considered when it comes to chatting with friends and family on your Facebook friends list, but what exactly can it offer you and it is worth downloading? Read on to find out more!

What is Chit Chat for Facebook?

Chit Chat for Facebook is a Facebook chat client that can be downloaded to enhance your Facebook chat options. One of the major complaints about the Facebook chat facility is that it features a small window that cannot be enlarged and is only open when your web browser is loaded. The Facebook software, Chit Chat for Facebook, has taken these complaints and worked with them to produce a viable solution that removes both problems and enables you to enjoy your online chat experience.

Chit Chat for Facebook is relatively easy to use right from the start as downloading takes very little time at all and you can use it right away without the need to open any form of web browser. Instead, all you need to do is load up the Chit Chat for Facebook application and log in with your Facebook email and password. It will then load up on your desktop like any other instant messaging facility. It automatically links to your contacts list, displaying who is online and who is offline at any given time.

chit chat for facebook

Of course, you do need a Facebook account to be able to use Chit Chat for Facebook because it only connects with the social networking site. However, Chit Chat for Facebook is completely free so you can literally download it as and when you like without having to pay a penny.

The Pros of Chit Chat for Facebook

The Chit Chat for Facebook application has numerous positives that can really enhance your instant communications. All of them become apparent within the first few moments of using it but are worth highlighting here so you can see just what it can offer you:

  • Facebook Chat on Desktop – There is no need to load up a web browser or rely on an outside program for it to work. Instead, all you have to do is load up the application and you can use it right from your desktop. This certainly makes chatting easier.
  • Excellent Ease of Use – The Chit Chat for Facebook application is incredibly transparent and very well designed. Contacts are listed cleanly, tabbed chats mean that you can speak to numerous individuals at once, and it is easy to add emoticons. Simply load and chat!
  • Email and Wall Writing Enabled – Although you do not need to open a browser, you can write on friends’ walls or email them because Chit Chat for Facebook is literally linked to Facebook. Simply right click a contact and the list of options will appear.
  • Chat Logs are Supported – You can quickly and easily take a look at any chat that you had with this particular feature, which is one that Facebook does not have. It takes the strength of many other instant messaging services and uses it to enhance Facebook chat.

The Cons of Chit Chat for Facebook

Of course, the list of pros should not mask the cons that the Chit Chat for Facebook facility has.. The major niggles that you will find in the chat application are as follows:

  • Cannot Combine Chat Facilities – Chit Chat for Facebook is literally that – an application for Facebook. It cannot be combined with some of the other instant messaging services out there, unlike some of its competitors.

The Verdict

In short, Chit Chat for Facebook has many pros but you cannot combine chat facilities so it really is down to personal choice as to whether you give it a go. It is simple to use and will not scare those new to technology. It also does seriously enhance the Facebook chat facility, offering convenience and an enjoyable experience. You may need patience from time to time but the benefits associated with being able to chat directly from your desktop without having to load up a browser first are distinctly appealing.

Chit Chat for Facebook may not be the most features packed chat application out there but it fulfills its purpose of being as a Facebook chat login application and thus making Facebook chat easier easier so it is worth taking a look at.