Defining Worms – Worms and viruses are not the same thing

worm_chomping_on_computerThere are lots of programs that can wreak havoc on your computer, those are viruses and worms. Are viruses and worms the same? believe it or not they are not the same thing. People are usually confused between these two types of computer problems. Don’t get confused, while these two problems are the same in many ways, worms and virus are actually different. They behave differently and they infect your computer differently.

Lets differentiate a virus with a worm:

What is a Worm?

OK, lets first define what a worm is. A worm is a replication program in short it makes copies of itself, worms can move itself forward designed to harm your unprotected computer and others on the network. Worms somewhat has a brain on their own they can infect your computers by themselves and do not need to be associated with any particular program.

What is a Virus?

It’s time to define a virus. A virus can also produce copy of itself, but unlike worms viruses needs to be associated with a particular program in order for them survive. Unlike worms, viruses cannot spread on their own.

Worms causes harm to the network:

Worms can damage computers on a network at once since they are self propagating and doesn’t need to be associated on any particular program or file, they just run freely on your network. Worms spreads by finding any security holes on your networks. The safer your computer networks, the lease chances you will be infected by a worm.

Viruses corrupts or modify files on a computer:

Viruses on the other hand infiltrates computers on which a person opened an infected file or ran an infected program. Always be careful about opening or running any file or software from unknown source and never run a program unless you absolutely trust the source.

If you suspect that your computer is infected you should immediately take the necessary steps to clean or remove the offending worm or virus.

Self education is always a great way to start when you troubleshoot your computer. Once you begin to understand the possible causes of performance problem of your computer you are now ready and equipped to prevent and fix problems that you and your precious computer might encounter and you can safely go on with your computing life.