Delete The “Undeletable” File


Back in November, I posted an article on how you can delete the undeletable file, But some of my readers and friends requested a more simple way to delete those “undeletable” files. For the sake and benefits of my readers that wants a more simpler way of solving this problem, I’ve search and tried lots of file/folder unlocking program. Of all the applications I’ve tested one software stands out among the rest. I present to you Unlocker.

Unlocker is a small utility that allows to you unlock those hanging files that prevents you from removing the file.


To delete a “undeletable” file, just right click on the file then select Unlocker


If the file is locked or you are unable to delete that file, unlocker will present you a window where you can easily kill a process or unlock a file.

Last step, select the the file you want to unlock or just simply click Unlock all.

Download Unlocker


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