Digital Reading: Wattpad eBook Reader vs. Marvel Comics – Comparison

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A smartphone is not just a phone — it is a whole new world, a world where you are the valued customer, apps are like skyscrapers and the internet is the building block. This is a world where the sky is the limit. Business, finance, education, games, lifestyle, healthcare, music, news, photography, sports, travel, weather; you name it and an app is there at your service. E-book reading apps are also essential items. Price, graphics, navigation, compatibility with maximum number of devices, and number of e-books available for downloading are factors which one has to consider when downloading e-book reading apps. Here we will compare the 2 popular eBook reading apps.

Wattpad eBook Reader

The Good: An online utility with “Unlimited Stories”— that is the most apt way of describing Wattpad eBook Reader. Name the genre: fantasy, romance, historical fiction, mystery, teen or fan fiction and it is readily available on this great app. The feature that sets it apart from its contemporaries is the availability of writings by both professional and amateur authors, as it provides a platform for self-published and aspiring authors as well. That makes it user- driven and community-oriented. Designed for i0S, the app provides tools for integration with social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. It makes downloading easy as it provides an option to browse any book before the actual download. It also has an option where readers can post their comments on specific chapters and author’s homepages. The app also alerts a reader when updates are published on the site. Options are available for changing background color, font color, size and type. A night mode is also available that is easier on the eyes. The Bad: Banners of ads run at the bottom of the screen that creates a distraction for the reader. Typographical mistakes are present in the self-published material available on the app.

The Ugly: One cannot upload one’s own work through the Wattpad eBook Reader. Instead, one has to visit Wattpad online.

The Final Word: With a huge collection of published and unpublished writings of different genres, integration with social networking utilities and browsing books before downloading makes Wattpad eBook Reader definitely irresistible.

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5

Marvel Comics

The Good: Marvel Entertainment has launched its app, Marvel Comics, for an excellent comics reading experience. With over 500 comic books to choose from, including Wolverine, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Amazing Spider-Man. New comics are added every fortnight. The app provides access to both paid and free comics. Purchasing has been made easy as it is automatically billed to the reader’s iTunes account. Reading comics on the app is fast and seamless as frames move very fast with just the swipe of a finger. Graphics, navigation and loading time are the strong features of the app. It provides detailed information on a series with its synopsis, credits, average rating, and even its preview.

The Bad: Downloading a comic from Marvel Comics is not a speedy task. Comics cannot be transferred from your mobile device to your PC. There are a limited number of free comics available.

The Ugly: Quite naturally it offers only includes Marvel comics. The app does not integrate with your Marvel Digital Comics subscription, which costs $9.99 a month ($4.99 a month with a one- year contract) and provides access to online comics at

The Final Word: For Marvel fans, it’s a great experience exploring the Marvel Universe on their iOS device.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5

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