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Don’t you feel lucky with our today’s technology? We now have emails, chat, online banking, online stores, social media, and many more. We can even download mp3 songs online through free music downloads sites. There is no need to go to stores or buy CDs. Technology today makes our life a lot easier.

I remember during my younger years, we have to visit malls to buy a copy of songs that we like. If we cant find that CD tape, or the store runs out of stock, we have no choice but to wait or visit other malls. But now, those hassle buying experience is no longer necessary. You can save yourself from buying an aspirin for headache. You can download free music using your computer and internet at the comfort of your home. With different sites offering this service, you just have to look for a good one. If you don’t know any, one site that I can recommend that allows free downloading of mp3 songs is mp3-2000.

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Now that most of us no longer bring CD player and CD tapes. Because hundreds or even thousands of mp3 and mp4 songs can fit in a mp3/mp4 player, or even in a mobile phone with music player and memory card, a free source of songs is a big thing. Amazing, isn’t it?