Dress Up Your Firefox with Personas

Is your Firefox browser been looking so boring lately? Wishing that you have a way to make your Firefox more alive without the pain of searching and installing Firefox themes every time you want to change the look of your browser? Well you can jump on your seat now because this is your lucky day.

I have found a very cool Firefox Extension that gives you the opportunity to brighten up your Firefox the easy way! I introduce to you Personas. This awesome extension provides you with a huge selection of skins for your Firefox browser depending on your mood, personality or preference.


Personas eliminates the pain of having to search and install Firefox theme whenever you feel like changing your Firefox look. It got lots of skins to choose from and are separated to different category so you can easily pick the look you want. What more is that you can preview the skin before you use it.

personas setting

With Personas wide choices of skins you will never run out of styles for your Firefox and your browser will never look blah or boring again.

Personas Website

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