Dropbox – A Great Tool That Let’s You Share Files Easily

Share your files easily using Dropbox!

Are you tired attaching and sending your files manually when backing up files or sending files to a friend or co-worker, tired of using a USB device to transfer your files to your computers? Ever wish there was a simpler, faster and of course safest way to do those task? Good thing you are reading this now, I will share to you what you’ve been wishing this Christmas. I will share to you this small but powerful software that let’s you backup and sync files automatically fast and safe. This great tool is called Dropbox, Dropbox is a software that syncs your files online and across your computers. It put’s your files into your Dropbox folder on your computer and they will automatically appear on any of your computer with dropbox installed.

Dropbox major features are File sharing which allows you to share any of your files to several people and Sync that allows you to sync any of your shared files to any of your computer or any person that you gave access to your file. Download Dropbox now and free yourself from the tiring task of of manually email attaching or using a sub to move or backup files.