DVD File Converter Software Made Easy

Some people just can’t resist the urge to tinker with things, and some DVD movie enthusiasts are no exception. While the rest of the world is content to slide a disc into the DVD player and cozy up around the television, these folks are using a software package like the iSkysoft Video Converter to take a movie apart on their home computer and play with the pieces like a kid in a sandbox.

Kidding aside, there are many good reasons to convert a DVD into a different format. Highest on most people’s list is the ability to watch movies on a smartphone device. Apple handhelds like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone use the H.264 format. Other handhelds, such as Blackberry and Android, are wedded to 3GP. Whichever device you have, simply copying your DVD straight to your computer and uploading it to your smartphone without running it through a converter first will result in a file you can’t open.

The answer is to spend a bit of cash and buy conversion software. Take a little extra time to Google for a deal like iSkysoft video converter windows coupon to save a few extra bucks. Download the software to your computer, install it, open it up, and plug a DVD movie into your computer’s drive slot. Converting the disc to another format is a simple matter of clicking on the DVD file on the input side, and choosing a new format on the output side. Choose H.264 or 3GP for handhelds, or if you want to do some editing on the movie, choose MPEG-2, which will make editing it on your computer a breeze. Many video conversion programs even come with an editing program on board, complete with the ability to add soundtracks and special effects. With the help of technology, you can do a lot with the movies you own.