Easily Complete typed URL

Are you tired of typing the whole URL that includes the “http://www.” and “.com” to enter a website? What if I tell you that I have a trick for you that will save you exactly 15 keystrokes and will enable you complete a URL without including “http://” and “.com”.

This trick will work on every modern browsers today. All you need to do is type the name of the website and press “CTRL” + “ENTER” …


…and it will automatically fill in the “http://www.” before the website name and “.com” after the name.


  • To enter a website with a .NET address – Press SHIFT + ENTER
  • To enter a website with a .ORG address – Press CTRL +  SHIFT + ENTER

It will auto-complete and open the new address in a new tab if you add ALT to any of those key combinations.