External Hard Drives For Smart Phones and iPads

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External Hard Drives For Smart Phones and iPadsYou can see a huge number of smartphone and iPad users all across the world. The users get a number of features in these real small packs. However, they have to face one major drawback while using these devices; they had to compromise with limited storage capacity. They are not able to carry too many movies or audio files while they are on a move. Even the users going for expandable memories too are seen limited by inadequacy of flash drives. But today, people while using the smartphones and iPad have all reasons to celebrate as they can now be able to use extra hard drives for their devices. As recently there was a new spin for these devices was seen when Seagate announced about bringing in external hard drives for the iPads and smartphones.

External hard drives – a better way out

The users of iPad and smartphones which are seen with storage constraints should now thank Seagate for giving them a better way out. They embarked with an external hard drive- GoFlex Satellite which has a good capacity of streaming data to these devices. The external hard drive- GoFlex Satellite appears to be similar to any Goflex Pro or Goflex Slim, but the only difference is that it comprises of an internal battery and the wi-fi connectivity. The external drive weighs only 0.59 pounds 267.62 grams and its size comes out to be 4.72X3.46X1.26 inch. This Seagate external drive can store data up to 500 gigabytes; this means that you can now carry your world around, right from all your favorite movies to the huge music collection.

GoFlex Satellite – getting a closer look

GoFlex Satellite can be used with different kind of operations system platforms including, windows XP, Vista and 7, along with iOS and Mac 10.5.8 or even above. You can connect your smartphone or iPad with its wi-fi connectivity network within a range of 30 feet. You can stream the data with this drive to three different devices at the same time. So when you are on a move with your family for a holiday you are not supposed to pre-load anything on your iPad or smartphone devices. And in this way you now have all the music to enjoy along with your family and friends wherever you want. You can stream any kind of audio, video and a number of document files backed for your modern day smartphone and iPad devices like the AAA, Motion-JPEG, MPEG-4, MP3, MS Office, iWork and Adobe. And if you are interested in transferring your data in the quickest possible time, you can get with via the USB 3.0 port. Plus you can also sync your Golfex Satellite with any other computing devices which run on windows or Mac by just plugging it to the network or computer. The drive can work for five hours of active battery life along with 25 hours of standby life.

GoFlex Satellite not free from glitch

This can be called as innovative product though is not free from glitch. The presence of wi-fi and inbuilt battery the GoFlex Satellite makes the drive pretty bulky as compared to the other external drives. Since you need wi-fi to stream data this means that you cannot access your internet at the same time. Hence if you are interested in checking your mails or checking some websites while enjoying your movie you have to rely on the mobile internet. Owing to the DRM (digital right management) restrictions, connecting your devices is a tiresome job. Due to the bulky nature the hard drive becomes counter-productive for your devices. So when you are moving out somewhere, carrying this bulky device becomes a kind of extra burden.

The Seagate Goflex Satellite external drive is certainly a useful storage solution for devices like tablets and smartphones. The multiple streaming things make it ideal network storage too; however, it comes with few disadvantages as well. Despite having some minor drawbacks, the Goflex Satellite makes an excellent direct-attach external storage solution for you and a must-have drives for people who often have to travel with their iPad or smartphone.

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