Finance and Stock Tracking Apps For iPhone

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When you are running a busy race of your life, there are many applications that are designed specifically for tracking your stock updates. If you have an iPhone then all these applications are accessible at a single touch. Here are a few examples of such apps developed exclusively for stock tracking and finance :

CNBC Real-time

CNBC Real-time appThis is a free application available for iPhone, with the help of which you can track real time quotes both before and after market hours. The best part is that you can even watch CNBC Video clips regularly; you can even set a watch list in your phone. You don’t have to necessarily switch on your television instead you can have access to the channel with the help of your smartphone.


Wikinvest Portfolio Manager

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager appThis is an excellent application that helps you to track your investment accounts wherever you are. You can see graphical illustrations and latest updates of stock exchange. This application automatically imports your stock, ETF, and mutual fund holdings in a single view regularly. This application comes free of cost.



Stockwatch appThis application comes with a customizable portfolio tracking. It supports over 50 exchanges and gives you the accurate details in a user-friendly interface. You can make wise decisions for buying and selling stocks. It allows you to create a multitude of portfolios, watch-lists, and symbols for portfolios.


Stock TickerPicker

Stock TickerPicker appThis application is designed specifically for getting stock quotes, stock charts and technical analysis. This application has a simple interface that allows you to track your stocks and prospective stocks that you consider to buy in future.


Stockmarket Eye

Stockmarket Eye appThis application allows you to check your investment performance regularly. You can manage as many investment portfolios that you need, sell and cover transactions. It supports almost all currencies. You can track stocks, mutual funds, ETFs from major exchanges from all around the world.


Yahoo! Finance

yahoo finannce appWith the help of this application you will get updates of the stock market both during peak hours and even afterwards. You can even watch videos and create a watch list. You will get to know more about stocks and after a good research you can make buying and selling decisions. This application comes free of cost, that’s the best part about it.


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