Fix Slow Computer – How To Easily Speed Up A Computer

How to Fix Slow Computer

fix slow computerFix Slow Computer:  Technology today is progressing faster than ever before, and computers are becoming more of a standard in just about every home. Technology helps us stay connected, it’s making the world faster and smarter, and it allows us to be a lot more productive. However, computers don’t always work the way we want them too, and more often than not we are going to run into computer problems some where down the road.

Luckily, there are many different ways to fix computer problems depending on the type of problem. A slow computer can often be a result of a variety of things, all of which depend on the computer. A good general way to speed up a slow computer is to remove any unused or unwanted software from your PC. This will help free up some space, and eliminate programs and services that you don’t use from slowing down your computer.

If you are on a Windows computer you can do this by navigating to,

  • My Computer
  • Then click on ‘Uninstall or change a program

In this window you’ll see all the programs and services installed on your PC, and you can choose what to remove.

A virus can  be devastating to your computer and your personal information, but if you know how to keep your PC protected you should be fine. If you have a Windows computer, you are vulnerable to many dangerous viruses and computer threats. Anti-virus software can be expensive; however, today it is very possible to remove viruses for free with free anti-virus software.

The internet is the most common source of obtaining a virus. Many people are tricked into believing they are downloading some kind of software, but in fact this software is loaded with spyware and may even contain a virus. It is very important when browsing the internet that you trust and know the site your using, and never download from an unknown site. Protecting your computer from a virus is essential if you want your computer to run as fast as possible.