Free Facebook Emoticons – Spice Up Your Facebook Chats with Emoinstaller

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facebook emoticons

A new application enabling the use of nearly a thousand marvelous Facebook Emoticons recently hit the internet. I just found out about it, and rushed over to their website for more information and to try it out for myself. I have been thoroughly impressed so far. It may not be perfect, but it is a terrific start to a new, fun, and expressive method of chatting on Facebook.

facebook emoticonsfacebook emoticons

I, for one, use Facebook chat quite frequently. From long conversations with friends I haven’t seen in a while, to quick notes or updates for someone I’m about to go see in person. This new application, called Emoinstaller, is a plug-in for your web browser that has put a completely fresh face on all of my chats. It hit the Internet February 27th, put together by a UK-based IT company called Athena IT Limited.

One of the first things you will see when you visit their website is the name of the application on the top left of the page, with a little monkey next to it. Remember the monkey’s face because once you have downloaded and installed everything, you will see it again as an icon in your Facebook chat box. You open up the whole collection of Facebook Emoticons when you click on that icon.

I understand that there a lot of people out there who aren’t experts in computers and software. People start reading terms like downloading and installing and sometimes they get a bit apprehensive. Often there are worries of malware or spyware, or people don’t want to bog their system down with a bunch of needless stuff. Put your mind at ease, this download is so easy you’ll be scratching your head wondering why everyone else doesn’t do things the same way.

When I call Emoinstaller an application, it isn’t something that you have to click to open and start running on your computer every time you want to be able to use its features. You download it once, install it once, and it runs automatically in your web browser every time you bring up the Internet. It only interacts with the Facebook application, so you don’t need to worry about it slowing down your computer when you’re not chatting on Facebook, (you don’t need to worry about it even then).

The installation of Emoinstaller facebook emoticons takes no time at all, and is one of the simplest and most straightforward out there. It can be used with the three most popular web browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Just select which browser(s) you want it for when you are installing as it will give you options with check boxes for the different browsers. If you use multiple browsers, be sure to mark the check boxes for all of them. They’ll make you close the browsers in order to continue, but you can simply open them right back up a few moments later when it has been fully installed. From there, it is easy to restore any tabs or windows you had open.

I won’t get too heavily into what kinds of Emoticons are available. I will let you see for yourself. I will, however, tell you that you can choose between three sizes, and a large variety of themes. You can choose Emoticons for Facebook that move or not. As I mentioned before, there are nearly 1,000 of facebook emoticons to choose from. A few of my favorites are a smiley face wearing scuba gear, any of the Christmas-themes, and the ‘words’ category that has some funky looking animated words and phrases for you to throw into your chats for extra emphasis.

Unfortunately, for those Safari users out there, you’re currently out of luck. Safari is not one of the supported browsers yet, although you can keep checking on the website frequently to see if they have added it. You can also try dropping them a line via their contact form with your suggestions. They may even be working on it already.

If you enjoy chatting on Facebook, head over to the Emoinstaller website and check it ‘s awesome facebook emoticons tool. I am confident you will find it every bit as enjoyable as I have.