Free Tools to Easily Resize Your Images

I know we all want to keep our photos and other images to it’s original size. However, if you want to send them to your friends via email or share them through your blog a smaller image size are much more preferred. Bulletin boards Avatars also requires a smaller size and most of the time your desired avatar requires resizing. I have here some free but reliable tools that will allow you to easily resize your images.

Image Resizer Power ToyThis is a small utility developed by Microsoft that lets you resize any image by simply right clicking an image then selecting “Resize Pictures”


You can select your desired size or specify a custom size.


VSO Image Resizer – With this tool you can easily resize or adjust your photos to the web or email and change your images format. VSO Image Resizer also has a function that will allow you edit large number of images or batch resize.


Download VSO Image Resizer

Fotosizer – This is a free batch image resizer tool. Very easy to use, you can easily resize images with a 3 easy simple steps. You can quickly and easily resize using a preset list of sizes including iPod, iPhone, and Sony PSP screen sizes.


Download Fotosizer