Free Zygor World of Warcraft Leveling Guides

Free Zygor In-Game Alliance & Horde World of Warcraft 1-80 Leveling Guides

zygor world of warcraft leveling guideIf you love playing with World of Warcraft and would like to increase your level quickly, this post is for you. Created by John Cook, Zygor Leveling Guides is made to allow Players of World of Warcraft to rapidly increase their levels. Using this guide, you don’t have to switch between the screens allowing you to concentrate to the game play alone.

There are 2 screen modes to choose from. The first one has large picture view that shows all the steps you need to follow and complete to advance to the next level. This mode is the one that players rarely use because it affects the game play. The other screen mode is smaller and only shows current and next step you need to do.

Zygor Leveling guide is built with an in-game guide mode and interactive components. The more you learn from the guide, the faster you increase your character’s level. This is one of the few guides that are created with an in-game guide mode.

Another good feature included is the waypoints. Unlike with the original version of Zygor Guide that has too much information, the new version of Zygor guide only provides waypoint for the quest you selected. You are provided with a clear map window and when you bring your cursor to the waypoint, you will be given the steps you need when you reach this new location. This is very helpful esp. to new players.

There is also an option feature provided that allow players to change window opacity and change the size of on-screen guide, waypoints and even icons. Also, in the in-game leveling guide, a starter guide for each race is included. Say you play Alliance character, a starter guide for Gnome, Dwarf, Dranei, Night Elf, and human races is provided. Same with the other characters you’re playing.

Zygor In-Game Alliance and Horde Guide provide an excellent learning solution for players who have joined the WOW arena. The in-game guides work in helping you to quickly increase your level. There are special areas in WOW arena for players with high level where the competition is high. You can try Zygor World of wWrcraft leveling guides for FREE! with no credit card required.