Get Answers with Facebook Questions

Facebook has a new application called Questions.  When the new feature shows up on your account, you will see it as a tab on your main page. The Questions app is designed to help everyone share their knowledge and expertise on the site.

How to Use Questions

To use the new feature:

  1. Click the Question link tab
  2. Type a question such as “Where can I get the best Facebook statuses?”
  3. Click the Ask Question button

When you ask a question this way, the question will appear in your friends’ News Feed. Your friends and everyone else (and that is with emphasis – everyone) can then answer. They can give a quick response directly via the feed, or give a longer response by clicking your question title first and then typing in the input box.

For your convenience, your friends’ answers will be displayed first for you. However Facebook Questions is open to everyone on the site. That means even people who are not on your friends list can view and answer your questions.

To view your Questions history or that of your friends, click the Questions tab on the left navigation bar on your Facebook home page. (You may need to click More to see it.) This takes you to your Questions activity page. You can toggle between yours and your friends’ questions by clicking the links on the upper right of the middle column.

Questions Uses and Privacy

You can ask questions about practically anything under the sun. But Facebook Questions is ideal for questions that need short, quick answers. It is good for queries such as “Where can I find a storage unit in my area?” but it is probably not the proper venue for say, a philosophical debate.

You can also add a poll if it is suitable to your question. For example, if you ask, “What are your thoughts on the new Facebook Questions feature?” you can add a poll listing each option for the survey.

Perhaps most importantly, it should only be used for “safe” questions that you do not mind the whole world (literally) knowing about. Clearly if you have say, a delicate situation that you need advice on, Facebook Questions is not the place for it. You can still ask questions privately (more or less) to your friends or specific people only using the old Facebook Status and then customizing its privacy setting.