Go To My PC Review

gotomypctoQuite possible one of the most useful applications developed in the last 10 years Go to My PC has everything that one needs to access their computer remotely; from your smart phone, smart tablet or computer.

What is Go To My PC?

Go To My PC is an application designed by Citrix Online that allows users to remotely access their home/work PC or Mac computer, and start working just as if the computer is right in front of them. In fact the user sees their actual computer screen embedded within the screen of the device in use.

The technology is quite simple. A “tiny footprint application” is installed on the desktop. An even smaller application is installed on an iPad, iPhone, smart device or another computer. The two tiny applications “talk” to each other allowing the user to remote access the distant desktop. Once the link is established the screen in the desktop is embedded into the screen of the smartphone/tablet/remote computer, and the user works as if they are right in front of their desktop computer.

Uses for Go to My PC

While there are countless applications the three most common are:

Two Places at Once

You really can be in two places at once when you have Go To My PC. A train-ride to work means you have 30 or 40 minutes free to work on your computer at home. A business trip, which previously involved several hours of unproductive downtime no longer need be so. When you’re stranded in your hotel, pull out your iPad and get to work it’s easy.

OMG Moment!

You’re 2,000 miles from home and just realized that you downloaded the wrong version of the upcoming presentation onto your flash drive, and the presentation is in 45 minutes! No problem. Log on to Go To My PC, attach the correct version contained on your hard drive into an email, and send it to yourself. You can even edit it first before you send it!

Saving Time

It would be wonderful if none of us had to work at night or on the weekends. Unfortunately for many professions this is not the case. If you must work during your personal time, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it from the beach, your home or your family hideaway? With Go To My PC you can. You no longer need to drive to the office to complete your work; do it from wherever your PC or smart device has a connection!

Does it work with both Macs and PCs

Yes, completely.

Go To My PC has been a lifesaver in my household. I hope that it does the same for you.