Great Tips in buying a PC

computerBefore buying a computer, choose the one that best suits your needs. Here are great computer buying tips which will surely help you a lot in choosing computers according to your needs.

If you will buy a computer for personal and office use, choose the cheaper computers. You need not spend much in computers for your office and/or personal use. You can buy a computer for as low as P6,000 to P8,000 ($150 – $200), which is good enough for typing, keeping your documents and for surfing the internet.

For business purposes, especially in computer gaming, invest your money to high speed, high tech, maximum capability computers. Computers with low specs will not support the speed requirements which is very much needed in computer games.

Always consider the price in buying computers. Manufacturers like AMD and INTEL often develop their products. The good news is everytime they have a new product in the market, the price of their old product goes down. You can save more with the old models but is still great when it comes to its performance.

The price and the product is really important. Take this as a good example. A brand new 80gb hard drive with a price of P3,800 ($95), brand new 120gb hard drive with a price of P4,600 ($115) and a brand new 160gb hard drive with a price of P5,000 ($125). If an 80gb hard drive is not good enough for your computer, which one would you opt to buy? The brand new 120gb hard drive with a price of P4,600 ($115) or the 160gb hard drive with a price P5,000 ($125)? Choose the 160gb instead. There is only a bit difference when it comes to price and take note of the capacity of the item that you are going to buy.

When it comes to choosing a computer case, heavy type cases are most recommended because of the quality material that was used. Problems always occur with light weight pc case. If you are going to use a 7200RPM hard disk with a light weight pc case, chances are, the case will shake which will make it very noisy. Also, light weight cases cannot discharge smoothly the heat. Heavy type of computer cases usually have a built-in air guide.

In buying a power supply, it must be supplied with a high voltage continuity. Instead of buying lower wattage, choose a 400w or higher power supply. If you will use a lower wattage, there is a tendency that the CPU will shut down without any cause and some small parts of the motherboard will be damaged. Using the 400w or higher power supply will help you save from buying parts that might be destroyed from using a lower wattage power supplies.

The newest CPU, Centrino Sonoma 1.7ghz is almost same speed with Pentium IV-3.0ghz. Consider an AMD instead of an Intel. You will save more if you will buy an AMD because it is much much cheaper compared to Intel.

Laptop are much preferred nowadays. When buying a laptop, always consider the CPU and the video card. Most of the parts are not upgradable so you must really consider the parts of the unit.

If you need a laptop for storing your documents and internet surfing only, you need not buy a very expensive laptop. Choose a laptop with lower specs but with good performance. It will be a lot waste of money if you will buy a high specs laptop which you will use for typing your documents only. What’s more. Buy a laptop which is light weight. Do not buy a laptop which is very heavy because it’s not very convenient to carry around especially when you are always on the road and you need to carry the documents together with you from time to time.

Secondhand laptops are as good as the brand new ones but lesser the price. Why buy expensive brand new laptops if you can buy a used with same quality and performance. Then compute how much you are going to save. That’s whole lot savings for your pocket!

Hope these computer buying tips can help you on choosing computers which is sure to fit your needs. Start investing your money with the right items and buy computers that are not heavy on your pockets.