Hard Drive Failure Signs

frustratedKnowing hard drive failure signs is very important. Hard disk failure is the number one cause of computer data loss. If you know the signs and symptoms you can therefore prevent your computer from crashing and also help you to prepare a data backup plan before it’s too late.

Backing up your files on a regular basis  is a necessity, but the fact is only few users actually do that. The very best thing you can do is to know the warning signs so you can make a backup of your precious files.

Here are some signs of hard drive failure that you should know to help you avoid any disaster that can happen to your computer.

  • The Frozen Computer – Your computer screen is stuck, you can’t type, use your mouse or even use the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination. You can’t do anything aside from turning it off manually or reboot, which of course makes the computer yell at you for not shutting down properly.
  • Missing Files – Of course you know it when you delete a file, but what if the you start loosing your files randomly without you knowing it. Start to worry when this begins to happen on your computer don’t wait before any of the integral system file to go AWOL.
  • Old Man Syndrome – When you notice that your computer is running very slow especially when you access your hard drive then this is the right time to take a look on your hard drive or it is much better to get some technical help.
  • Stuck – When your computer doesn’t seem to perform like it should be or just can’t seems to remember what your computer must do on startup. Sometimes it hangs a little bit then continues and sometimes your computer just freezes. This is a big alarm that you are heading for a big trouble.

A failed hard drive is not that hard to spot. It’s just like any other dead machine, it just don’t work. But don’t worry, even if your hard disk failed there is still a lot of possibility that you can recover all or some of your files. However, the process of recovering your lost files is very expensive and there is still no guarantees that you’ll get a 100% recovery.

It’s always best to always take all the necessary preventive measures to protect your precious data. Don’t wait before your hard drive dies, implement a backup plan now!