Have you learned your lesson? – The most dangerous online activities

Most computer users have no idea how dangerous their online activity is but no matter how many times you educate and warn them they still manage to poison their computers with new spywares, malware and other malicious programs because they still didn’t learned their lesson. or just don’t have an idea on how the dangerous the internet could be. Most of the common mistakes  computer users do are downloading software for personal use, lowering firewalls to speed up a connection and even leaving their passwords stuck to their laptops.

Below are the following list of the ten most dangerous things people do online. To protect ourselves better avoid doing the following activities without taking all the necessary safety precautions needed.

Stick this list up on your room and office door. Inside the company better yet, post it to the company bulletin board. If it keeps just one person from making a big mistake, it will have been worth the effort.

1. Opening email attachments from unknown senders

2. Installing unauthorized applications

3. Disabling security tools such as firewalls and antivirus

4. Opening messages from unknown senders

5. Surfing gambling, porn or other dicey Web sites

6. Giving out passwords, tokens or smart cards

7. Random surfing of unknown and untrusted Web sites

8. Connecting to any old Wi-Fi network

9. Filling out Web scripts, forms or registration pages

10. Participating in chat rooms or social networking sites