Hidden Skype Emoticons

I’m sure you’ve heard of Skype, well if you have not not… Skype is a FREE call and chat software, it has the same function with Yahoo Messenger.  The main thing you can do with Skype is call and chat. Just like other chat applications you can use lots of emoticons available on Skype. But did you know that there are secret emoticons that you can use to impress and make fun of your chat mates?

Here are the list of hidden Skype emoticons you can use aside from the built emoticons of Skype.

Finger (finger)
Bandit (bandit)
Drunk (drunk)
Smoking (smoking)(smoke)(ci)
Toivo (toivo)
Rock (rock)
Headbang (headbang)(banghead)
Bug (bug)
Fubar (fubar)
Poolparty (poolparty)
Swearing (swear)
TMI (tmi)
Heidy (heidy)

Mooning (mooning)

Skype Hidden Flag Emoticons

Skype also has 237 hidden flag emoticons to represent the different flags of different  countries and nations.

skype flag emoticons

Type this code (flag:xx) to use Skype hidden flags just replace xx with the country code  of the country you want to display. Example (flag:ph) to display the Philippine flag.