Hiding folders – How to create an invisible folder

Do you ever wonder how you can easily hide your folder without using any software?. Hiding your folders is a simple way of keeping prying eyes away from your private documents. This is very useful if you share your computer with friends, coworkers, spouse, children or your computer is always connected to the Internet. Here is a simple trick to easily hide your folder without the use of any folder protection software. This works on XP and Vista.

  • First step is to create a folder. I don’t recommend creating a hidden folder on the desktop because it shows up a second or two upon startup. On the image below I created a folder on drive C:.


  • Now, you will have to name your folder. Make sure your NUMLOCK is On. Press ALT+255. This will  actually produce a character that looks like a space but it is not a space.
  • After naming your folder, right your folder then choose properties. Under the customize tab click change icon. Scroll through the icons until you find one that has no image.


  • Click OK and your done. You now have an invisible folder.

You access your hidden folder by entering the path of the invisible folder in the address bar.

ex. C:\ALT+255