Home Network Over Coax

MoCA is a coax to Ethernet bridge, designed based upon CableLabe list of specifications allowing gadgets to make use of the unused bandwidth on the coax TV cable, yes, that very coax tv cable you have in order to connect your cable box. Those who are sick and tired from streaming HD content via wi-fi or even power-line, MoCA is the answer. Learn where Moca usually exceeds expectations, and where it just won’t do.

MoCA operates as coax to Ethernet adaptor: regular coax in between a pair of Moca adapters operates just like a standard CAT5 line. Whilst that little box looks just like a home router, it’s Ethernet to coax cable adapter. You need at least a couple of units, may be more; at least one in, one out. You can, however, attach as many as sixteen of those if you need a connection in just about every corner. Each piece of equipment possesses one network socket, and a pair of coax cable connectors. Network socket goes into the router, such as Mikrotik 450G. The coax cable connections allow adapter to work in traverse way so you can keep using the TV cable to pass TV signal as usual. One important word: Moca isn’t works with satellite television on pc – they use overlapping frequency bands – so it’s for cable connection only.

So what’s wrong with ol – good wifi? Along the way from a internet router or wireless access point to home cinema pc anywhere upstairs or downstairs, the signal ought to pass a couple of rooms, floors – and every  two degree angle through the floor can make a floor seem to be FORTY TWO ft thick, that doesn’t really help for having fantastic and consistent connection speed. 2.4MHz wireless telephones, microwaves, infant monitors, wifi network cameras, all of them crowd the very same radio space.

And also remember about others, who live nearby, especially when you reside in apartment, and even more in case that condo is situated in urban center – most with the new powerful routers. That’s pretty crowded for wifi.

MoCA doesn’t depend on external factors, and doesn’t share anything with other devices. It just works