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Hostgator Review:  An Overview

hostgator review

Being a blogger for 6 years, I have learned almost all the do’s and don’ts , all the best and the worst of all services available, though I know there are things that are so many things that is yet to be learn. I have experience d being down by the hosting service to the point that my website is literally having more time “down” rather than “up”. I also have experienced being hacked to the point I did not able to revive that domain. (It’s another story) But for this part, I would like to share to you my Hostgator review based on my 3 years experience using their hosting service.

Hostgator Review: Are they the best?

Good question, isn’t it? For someone who is clueless o f their service performance, the question is “Are they the best?” The answer is yes and no. Surely, there will be better hosting company service  out there that can offer more than Hostgator can do. But if it you will consider the price, the service, and the customer care, Hostgator is definitely the best.

– Hostgator at its Best –

Reliability Score 99%

Among the website content, SEO, design and customer service, another important aspect that a website owner needs to pay attention is the uptime of the website. The downtime should be prevented at all cost. Hostgator provides excellent performance in terms of the uptime of all my websites. For the 3 straight years that Hostgator has been hosting my websites, my downtime experience is around .05%, and during those time, their support team worked in fixing the issue and notified me the cause.

Hostgator Compatibility

hostgator cpanel

The majority of my websites are using WordPress platform the others are running various scripts. WordPress needs a good hosting to work well and Hostgator meet all the requirements. It is compatible with almost all platforms.  Hostgator also provides easy to manage CPanel where you can create email address, set up FTP, or check you server status. You can do all stuff in a breeze.

Hostgator Customer Service – Excellent

hostgator live chat

What I really like about Hostgator is that their customer support team is very quick and knowledgeable in responding to my queries. I have contacted them a hundreds of times and I very satisfied in how they handle my issues. They are polite and professional. Their online chat support is very useful for times you need immediate response to their hosting service, inquiries or problems.

Hostgator Price: Very affordable.

Their price is highly competitive provided that their service is outstanding.

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My Verdict:

Hostgator is the best web host for website owners like me. And if you are looking for a cheap web hosting service that provides excellent service, then Hostgator is the right service for you. As their tagline says, “ We eat up the competition” I’m telling they are true to that.

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hostgator review