How CD’s Are Made

Who among you doesn’t know what a CD is? I bet all of us know what a CD is. CD is a short term for Compact Disc and is used in storing digital data. Digital data can be music, pictures, or even movies. CD has become an important part of our digital world, and some of you may actually wonder how CD’s are made.

Years ago, the main purpose of CD is limited to playback of sound recordings. Few years later, its format was adapted for the purpose of data storage. CD Depending on the format of the file it contains can be played using a regular CD player.

Nowadays, CD’s are born with different faces. There are now what we call CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, Blu-ray and a lot more. And before it can turn into a dog, let’s see how CD’s are made.

Youtube Video Source: How it’s made: Compact Discs