How Create a System Repair Disk in Windows 7 on a USB Drive

I created a article the other day on how you can easily create a system repair disc in Windows 7, this time I will show you how you can  create a Windows 7 system repair disc on a USB drive. This will be very useful if your CD/DVD drive suddenly died on you or just can’t seem to make your CD/DVD work that way you want it to and you have to repair your Windows 7 system.

  • First, secure a copy of the repair files, you can do this by either making a Repair Disc, or downloading the ISO and mounting it in a virtual drive.
  • Insert your USB drive.
  • Open Diskpart by clicking on Start button and typing “Diskpart” on the Search and programs and files area.

  • Type list disk
  • Type select disk number of your USB drive
  • Type clean
  • Type create partition primary
  • Type select partition 1
  • Type active
  • Type format fs=ntfs quick
  • Exit diskpart.
  • Copy all the files from the Repair disc or on your mounted ISO to your USB drive and your done.