How To Add Hibernate Button On Windows 7 Shutdown Menu

If you are using Windows 7 and you are missing the Hibernate button in Windows 7 shutdown menu it is because your hybrid sleep settings is enabled, which are enabled by default on some of the windows 7 systems. Don’t know the difference between Sleep and Hibernate? click here to know the difference between Sleep and Hibernate.

Here’s how you can show the hibernate option under the shutdown menu.

1. Open Control Panel

2. Click on System and Security

3. Under System and Security click on Power Options

or you can just type in power options in the search box

search power options

4. Click Power Options in the search results

5. Under power settings opened Click Change plan settings

change plan settings

6. On the Edit Plan Settings window, Click Change advanced power settings

change advanced power settings

7. On the Power Options window, look for the Sleep option then click on the Allow hybrid sleep toggle it to off and click ok.

allow hybrid sleepAll done you will now see the hibernate option allow hybrid sleepunder  your windows 7 start menu and shutdown options.