How to automatically save tabs in Firefox

No doubt Firefox is the leading browser today, 47% of my blogs visitors came from Firefox and only about 20% came from Internet Explorer. Personally What I like about Firefox is the ability to tweak its settings and there lots of Themes, Plugins and extensions available that you can add to spice up your Firefox browser.

When I browse I use a lot of tabs and sometimes I like them to open automatically when I open the browser. Unfortunately Firefox doesn’t have this feature but you can download a add-on called session manager to be able to save tabs in Firefox. This is very helpful especially when Firefox crashes, it automatically saves tabs the were open and it also has a history” of previous sessions you had open so you can open your previously saved tabs.

You can download the session manager here

After you successfully installed session manager, You can set it’s settings by  clicking on Tools then select Session Manager, and clicking on Session Manager Options.

There you  have it, your tabs can now be save  in case firefox crashes or just want to automatically open frequently used tabs.