How To Bring Back The Start Menu In Windows 8

Microsoft released the latest version of Windows–the Windows 8. Many of us are curious with how Windows 8 works and how it differs with the previous versions. If you have just upgraded to Windows 8, I’m pretty sure you will feel strange with the new look.  One of the first thing that you will notice is that the Start menu is missing. Yes, may sound silly but in Windows 8, the Start Menu button is completely eliminated. Although Microsoft thinks that it is cool to remove it, and while they are lots of advance feature in Windows 8, many find it disappointing that some of those who tried using Windows 8 revert to previous versions.

Pretty bad, huh?


There is an effective tool that can bring back Start Menu in Windows 8 called Start8. With its name, you can easily tell that its main function is to bring back Start Menu in Windows 8. How did I say its effective? I tried it, and it worked.

Is it free? No, its not. But it is very cheap. For just $5, you can get back your Start Menu that fits well with Windows 8 theme. What more, it is customizable and user friendly. It allows you to configure your Start Menu and make it work like a regular Windows 7 Start Menu.

Classic Shell

windows 8 classic shell

But if you want something FREE, the Classic Shell is another good choice. It is less polished, but its free so we can let it skip. Classic shell is another reliable tool that allows you to bypass Start Screen, and offers tweaks for other Windows program like IE and Windows explorer. If you love the looks of XP or Windows 7 Start Menu style, then this free baby allows you to switch the looks.

Now, who says that you cant have the best of worlds? No reason not to switch!