How to change the default download location in Firefox

firefoxSeveral people have recently ask me on how they can change the default download location of Firefox. I know a lot of computer users  know this stuff and this is definitely a no-brainer for most geeks out there but there are still a lot people that needs some assistance regarding this matter so I will provide a quick tip on how you can change your Firefox download location.

Personally for me I prefer downloading files directly into my desktop, Obviously I don’t want the extra click I have to do to open or see my downloaded files. But for people that want their downloads go to a different location like a “Download” folder here’s how you can easily do it.

On the menu bar click on Tools then select options, and you should see the Downloads section right on the very first screen.


Click the Browse button to select the download location. As you can see on my example I’ve created a folder and named it “Downloads”. All my downloaded files will go straight into my Downloads folder. You also have the option if you want Firefox to always ask you where to save the files.