How to Change Windows XP Default Wallpaper Directory

Are you tired of seeing those default  ugly wallpapers on your desktop display properties?.  Are you wondering on how you can change it’s default directory so you will have your own cool selection of wallpapers? Here is a simple registry hack to achieve that.


First step is to Open your Registry editor – Click Start –> Run –> Type regedit and hit enter

Look for the following key



You should see a value called WallPaperDir. Double click on it to change the value. Enter the path of your My Pictures Folder or any image folder that you prefer.


The effect should be immediate, no need to logout or reboot your computer. You should now see your cool wallpapers on your desktop display properties selection. You will also notice that the default wallpapers are still on the list. To remove them, you can browse to C:\Windows and delete those ugly bitmap wallpapers. Just be careful on not to delete any files aside from those bitmap wallpapers to prevent any complications.