How to check whether an e-mail id is valid or not

With the development of technology, advanced modes of communication are into being. The largest network, Internet is growing day by day and each and every one has an e-mail id themselves. It is important to have one as today communications are mostly based on e-mail.

Ok. You wanted to get your friend or someone via e-mail. You got an address, but can you be always sure that the e-mail id is valid? Of course no!

So today we are to see some online tools that will help you to check whether an e-mail id is valid or not. LoL, they are completely free :D

1. Free e-mail verifier

This e-mail checker checks whether the format is correct and the domain is valid and whether the user is valid. i.e. They verify whether the user and mail box exist.

free email verifier

Enter the e-mail id the box and press Verify.

2. Verify e-mail address

This website checks whether the syntax is correct, whether the connection to the SMTP server worked or not and will say whether the id is valid or not.

verify email address

These are very helpful to check whether an e-mail id is valid or not.

These websites offer a bulk verifier also.

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