How to Choose a Reliable Antivirus

anti-virus-cartoon1I guess you probably know the importance of having a good antivirus guarding your PC but choosing the right product is the hard part. There are so many antivirus that are being offered out there, free and paid and  they all come with complicated technical information which confuses the regular users. In choosing the best product that suits your need you need to be alert not to fall for the useless ones. I have here 8 important tips to help you do effective comparison.

1. Effectiveness

Check how effective it is by checking what threats it can eliminate. It is very important to know which product are able to cope with latest computer threats. It is always a great recommendation to have an antivirus with virus, worm and trojan protection. If you are frequently doing sensitive transactions online like banking and shopping a reliable internet security is a must.

2. User friendly (Easy to use)

What’s the use of a good antivirus if you are having a hard time using it? It is very important to have a antivirus that you can use easily use and doesn’t have a pile of complex menus and buried settings. Look for products that offers easy to user interface and provides easy to follow manual or user guide.

3. Virus definition and scanning engine updates

New types of malicious software are being born and mutated in an alarming rate everyday. Check if the software offers daily update. It is a compulsory that a good software protection offers a regular virus definition update or else you are just wasting your time and money on a useless software.

4. Real-time Scanning

Look for this feature, find a product that provides real-time scanning that can effectively detect any malicious software as soon at it tries to go onto your system so that it can protect you from any threats all the time.

5. System resources consumption

When you look for a background scanning feature look also for software that doesn’t consume too much of your  system resources. Some products that has real time scanning may slow down your computer.

6. Know Your Needs

A lot of antivirus makers today offers different type of protection. From basic products that protects you against viruses, worms and trojans to all-in-one security that protects against all malicious software. Some of them also offers backing up of data and even PC optimization and tune up. But of course the more feature the more expensive the product it will be. My advice here is to know exactly what exactly is your need. If you are the type of computer user that is rarely online the basic antivirus can accommodate your security needs. But of your computer is online all the time then it is more advisable to use the best Internet Security product.

7. Technical support

Find out what kind of support they offer, do they provide live chat, 24/7 call service or even remote assistance. This is important in case your antivirus miss one threat and it causes tons of problems on your computer you can easily get help any time or you can call them for an assistance on how you can customize the software to better suit your needs.

8. Have a taste before you make a purchase

I advice you to test your preferred antivirus first before buying them to see if they really meet their promises. Most antivirus vendors today offers trial version that usually last up to 30 days. I think that is enough to help you make a decision.

I hope the tips I  discussed above helped you decide what antivirus to buy. When it comes to antivirus it is not always about the price remember that expensive products doesn’t necessarily mean better.