How To Create A Textless Desktop Icon

textless-iconI always love the idea of having a textless icon on my desktop. It just makes your desktop icon more cool just like what you see on the Dock in Apple’s Mac OSX. Having a textless icon will also make your desktop icons stand out. With a simple renaming trick you can do this effect on your Vista or XP machines.

Before you start, the first and the most important thing you should do is to make sure that your file extensions under the folder options are set to not shown. This is very critical because if you rename the whole icon including it’s file extension will result to damaging the file. To check it, Open Windows Explorer –> Tools –> Options –> View Tab then check Hide extension for known file types.

If everything is properly setup we can now begin.

1. Right click on the Icon and then choose rename

2. Press Alt+255 or Alt+0160 using your numpad or else it will not work. The 255 and 0160 is a ascii character equivalent to a space.

In renaming icons make sure that you don’t use the same name. What you need to do is rename the second icon like this (alt+255, alt+255 or alt+0610, alt+255). Do the same on the rest of the file names add one alt+255 or alt+0160 character.

3. Next, is we will remove the shortcut arrow that ruins the effect. Click here to find out how you can remove the shortcut arrow.

4. It’s done. Enjoy your textless desktop icons 🙂