How to Defrag Multiple Hard Drives at once in Windows XP

Defragging your computer is one of the way’s to optimize the performance of your computer but it will consume a lot of time and very inconvenient if you are going to defrag two or three hard drives at once.

Windows XP has a Disk Defragment utility but unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to defrag multiple disk at the same time. This article will show you how you can defrag multiple hard drives at the same using the Windows XP Disk Defragment utility, confusing? here is the simple explanation.

The disk defrag utility in Windows XP can be triggered from the command line so we will create a batch file to defrag multiple drives.

First, we will create a batch file. you can use notepad to create a batch file.

open  notepad

Add a line to the batch file for each hard drive you will be going to defrag.

defrag c: -f
defrag d: -f
defrag f: -f

* “-f” will enable force defragmentation even if free space is low

If you want more defrag syntax you can type “defrag/?” at the command line and it will show you the different syntax you can use.

Save your file as “defragdrive.bat” or any filename you want and place it anywhere you like. Just make sure that you change your extension from .txt to .bat to make the program work.

To run the batch file just double click the file.