How to Diagnose DirectX on XP

If you want to make sure that your directx is running perfectly or you want to fix some 3D application problems then running a directx diagnostic is the best solution.

To start the diagnostic, click on Start –> Run then type dxdiag


If you are running the diagnostics for the first time it will then ask you for your permission to check for WHQL Digital Signatures. Click Yes to continue.

After giving the permission the Directx Diagnostic Tool will now load. The  default tab of Diagnostic Tool is system where it will show the general information about your system and most importantly it will show what version of DirectX you currently have installed on your machine.

directx-diagnostic-toolclick to enlarge

The directX tab is where all the directx files are listed. It will show if you have any critical files missing.

directx-filesclick to enlarge

The Display tab give you information about your video card. This is probably the most important because you can run some test here to check if your directx is running correctly.

The DirectX Diagnostic will not only give you information about your system and diagnose directx but it will also help you diagnose your sound and input devices.