How to Disable Auto Reboot on Windows Update

Don’t you just hate it when your computer automatically reboots when your computer performs a windows update? Do you want to regain control on your computer? Here is a simple registry hack that will end to this annoyance and will also save you from losing potentially hours of work if your computer reboots and your not there to prevent it. Before you do anything to your registry it is advisable to first backup your registry.

Click on start, click on Run then type regedit to open your registry editor.

Navigate to the following key:


Right Click on Windows then select New/Key. Name that key WindowsUpdate.


Right Click on the WindowsUpdate key then create another key and name it AU (auto update).


On the right hand pane create a new DWORD value. Enter the string NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers change it’s Value Data to 1.

Close your registry editor and your done 🙂