How to Disable deletion of Recyle Bin in Vista

vista recycle bin

Another Vista problem has been dropped into my mail. In the previous version of Windows it is not possible to delete the recycle bin by just a simple right click and delete. Microsoft change this in Vista you can simply delete the recycle bin in just exactly two clicks. unfortunately this gave more problems because some users accidentally remove their recycle bin instead of just emptying it.

A way to disable this through a registry hack. After the hack the item will still show up but it will not work anymore. Before you start please first backup your registry.

  • Open Regedit
  • Search for the below key


registry editor

  • Create a key and named it “Shell”
  • Create a key and named it “Delete” set it default value to “Delete”
  • Create a key and named it “Command” set it default value to “rundll32.exe”

What we’ve done here is we create a new function called Delete that replaces the current command on the menu. By setting it to run rundll32.exe, we’re eliminating any error message by running a valid process that will immediately exit and the user will never see it.

vista recycle bin

The only visible change you’ll notice is that the Delete menu item will move above the Empty Recycle Bin item.