How To Disable Windows Startup Programs

If you our one of my geeky readers, then you can skip this post or read and say “duh!, I already know that”, but for those who are average user and still on their way to techie world, read on!

What is Windows Startup Programs?

If you notice that your computer is getting slower during start up, dont be nervous that your computer is growing old. It may be actually because of the software you installed in your computer.  It is because the more software you install, the slower your computer may become, and the longer it will take to startup Windows.  Wondering why? It is because these programs automatically add themselves to the programs that will start when you boot your computer. And the more software you add, the longer this list will be. Windows Startup programs are programs that runs during start up when you boot your computer.

Can you disable Windows Startup Programs?

The answer is yes. MSConfig tool allows you to disable Windows Startup Programs. MSConfig  is a tool installed with Windows that allows you to see what programs are running during start-up and disable them, and only run them when needed. Although, you may wish to stop all of these programs to start with Windows, you must remember that it is wise to allow some programs to start with Windows like anti-virus and firewall. MSConfig tool can be found in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

You ca also use MSConfig to configure a lot of things other than the startup programs. And if you are not sure on what to o, you must be very careful. This article aim to guide you in doing this, and if you follow the steps, you should be fine.

Steps to disable Windows Startup programs.

First, you need to run MSConfig. To do this, click Start menu and type msconfig.exe in the Search box. When the MSConfig.exe appears, highlight then click on it and press enter.

To run MSConfig, open the Start menu and type “msconfig.exe” (without the quotes) in the Search box. As you type, results display. When you see “msconfig.exe,” click on it or press Enter, if it is highlighted. With Windows XP, you can use MSConfig by opening the Run dialog box from Start Menu, and  typing msconfig.exe in the Open edit box.

The System Configuration window will appear, you need to choose the startup tab. You will see the list of the startup programs with the check box. Now, you need to remove the check mark of the programs that you dont want to run during the startup. Removing the check will disable windows start up programs. Once done, click OK.

Now, for this to take effect, you will need to restart your computer. A dialog box will appear informing you that you need to restart, just click restart, and your computer will restart. Now if you still do not want to restart, just click the exit without restart.

Other ways to disable Windows Startup Programs.

If you have CCleaner installed to your computer, you can also disable windows startup programs without using MSConfig. To do this, just click the Tools button that can be found on the left side of the dialog box. You will see the Startup button, click on that to see the list of startup programs. The programs that are in the enabled column are the programs that is included in the Windows startup programs. To disable, simply click the program and click disable.

Please note that this will take effect on your next restart, so be sure to restart your computer. CCleaner, unlike MSConfig does not prompt user to restart. So you should do it yourself.

There are also some applications that have to be configured to prevent it from launching themselves during computer boots. If you don’t configure it, it will only add itself to the startup programs again. All you have to do is configure it in the program’s option and disallow it from starting with Windows.

Now that you know how to disable Windows StartUp Programs, your computer will be a lot faster during startup.