How to easily Backup and Restore your Firefox and Thunderbird Profiles

Backing up and restoring Firefox or Thunderbird profiles can be a pain especially for average users. It is not easy as locating and copying the profile from the Firefox profile directory and then copying it to a different computer or any backup media, when you restore it manually just by copying and pasting profile it is not automatically show up in the list.

Here is a much more easier way of backing up and restoring your firefox or thunderbird profile you just have to use MozBackup. MozBackup can easily backup and restore any of your profiles of Firefox, Thunderbird it also supports Netscape, Flock, Seamonkey.

When you launch MozBackup, you can choose to either backup or restore the profile. You can choose which profile to back up, and what file to save it as.


You can also password protect your backup profiles. Protecting your profiles from restored by an unauthorized people.


To restore your profile launch the MozBackup to the computer where you want to restore your profile then select “Restore a Profile” at the Operation type screen, Choose the profile you want to restore  to and then choose the backup file you copied from the first computer.

How simple is that.

Get your copy of MozBackup Here