How to Easily Create a Desktop Shorcut of your Windows Registry (regedit)

If you are frequently accessing your Windows Registry, then adding a shortcut is a must for you. If you like you can also add a shortcut on your quick launch toolbar for a much more easier access.

The biggest advantage of having desktop or quick launch shortcut of your Windows Registry is that you don’t need to go through the usual process of opening Registry Editor by going into the start menu, selecting Run then typing “regedit” and finally hitting enter. Why would you go through that long process when you can just easily click or double click a Regedit shortcut?

Ok, I will show you how you can super easily create a desktop shortcut to open your registry editor.

1. Right click to any blank space on your desktop select New then choose Shortcut

new-shortcut2. A dialog screen will appear, you browse in the location of registry editor or you can just easily type in regedit on the text box.

created-shortcut3. Press Next and name your shortcut regedit

4. Click on Finish and your Registry editor will be on your desktop.