How to Easily Create Randomly Generated Identity

Did you know that participating in chat rooms or social networking, filling out Web scripts, forms or registration pages are just two of the most dangerous online activity?  Such activities are unavoidable, social networking and form registrations has now become a online necessity. However,  those two activities can cause you to loose all your important info if you don’t take all the necessary precautions. Even giant networking sites can have vulnerabilities.

When you are registering or submitting any info to any websites don’t just give all your real info especially when you are giving your info to a website that you have just stumbled and has less knowledge about that site. One way to secure your precious info is to make a fake identity. I know what you’re thinking, it is not that easy to create a different character.  I found a easy solution to that. I introduce to you Fake Name Generator.

Fake Name Generator is a online tool that will help you create random generated identity. You can use this to fill out registration forms on message boards or forums,  It is not bad to keep your real life separate from your internet life.

Using this tool is very easy. You have a set of options that will allow you to select your gender, name set and country and the tool will generate info that will come from a compiled database from domain sources.


After clicking on GO it will then present to  it’s generated info. It includes name, address, phone, birthday, mother’s maiden name, email address, website and even Visa card number with expiration date and social security number. but don’t get me wrong here, those are fake credit card numbers so there is no way that you can use it to purchase anything 😀

fake-name-generator-resultThere you go, you can now have your second or third or even hundredth  identity. I personally use this when signing up  and participating on online games and forums that I’ve just visited.