How To Easily Remove Dual Boot Option


A client of mine requested to remove the dual selection of his computer, disable Windows XP and only set Windows 7 to be the primary boot OS. I suggested that the best way is to do a clean install of Windows 7 or I can just modify his windows settings to remove the dual boot selection and set his computer to boot automatically to Windows 7 but since he has limited budget at that time he opts to have the second choice which is just to remove the dual boot option. Below are the steps I performed to disable the dual boot selection.

How to Remove Dual Boot Selection

Right click on My Computer then Properties

my computer advance system settingsClick on the Advanced system settings

system propertiesUnder Startup and Recovery click on settings

startup and recoveryOn the System startup section, select the default OS you wish to boot (in this case Windows 7) and uncheck the Time to display list or operating systems.

That’s it, your computer will automatically boot to Windows 7.