How To Easily Remove Yahoo Redirect Virus

You are doing some searches using Yahoo, but after you click one of the links in the yahoo search result, you were redirected to advertising related malicious page.  Same result happens when you click other links. If you’ve been experiencing this problem, you’re a certified victim of Yahoo redirect Virus. Don’t worry its not only Yahoo, even Google has this kind of virus.

What is Yahoo Redirect Virus

Yahoo Redirect Virus is a virus known as browser hijacker that is programmed to hijack browsers like Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox by modifying the MS Windows hosts file’s DNS settings. This caused the redirection to malicious sites when a user clicks any link in search engines search result. When that happens, the Yahoo Redirect Virus may inject corrupt file into the Windows Registry and overwhelm your screen with popups. Yahoo redirect virus can also alter and affect important system files, slows down your computer or transmit personal info to remote servers of hackers.

How can you get infected by Yahoo Redirect Virus:

  • Peer to peer sharing and sending of files.
  • Using of injected USB device.
  • Downloading codec, games, movies, videos or even music files.
  • Clicking on spam links through websites, email or affected websites.

What are the signs that you’ve been infected by the Yahoo Redirect Virus

  • re-installation of manually erased corrupted files
  • Pop up windows
  • Blue screen errors
  • Redirection to malicious sites when you use search engine searches

Some clones and aliases used by Yahoo Redirect Virus are,,,,,,, aximfind,,, so take note of that!

Finally, here are the steps in removing Yahoo Redirect Virus

How can you get rid of Yahoo Redirect Virus?

  • Fix your Yahoo Redirect Virus problem using tdsskiller – Click for the instruction here

How to remove Yahoo Redirect Virus manually

  • Go to Drive C: (or Wherever drive your Windows is installed)
  • Go to Windows –> System32 –> drivers –> etc folder
  • Look for the host file

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