How To Easily Take and Save Screenshots on Windows 8

Did you know that you can instantly take and save screenshot on your computer with a simple hotkey combination? sounds impossible right? not if your using Windows 8, Windows 8 has a new Windows key combination that will help you do that.  In previous version of Windows in order to take and save a screenshot you need to first push the Print Screen key, open Paint or any image editor, hit Paste and then finally save the image.  That’s a lot of process and a pain if you are going to take a lot of screenshots.

pctechnotes windows 8 screenshot

To save you from that long process of taking and saving screenshot I will show how you can do it by just pressing two keys. This is so easy even your dog can do it… (well… my dog still can’t… but we’re working on it). Here it goes, to easily take and save screenshot just hold your Windows key and press the Print Screen key. Your screen will flash and it will automatically save a PNG format screenshot to your Screenshots folder located on your Pictures folder. That’s it enjoy your screenshots.