How To Effectively Clean Your Keyboard

clean keyboardAs we all know keyboard is  one of the integral peripherals  of your computer. Take care of it as much as you take care of the other parts of your computer, besides how can you work efficiently or do the things you love on your computer without a keyboard?. Here is a quick guide on how you can effectively clean and maintain your keyboard.

First, the things that you will need:

  • Lint free cloth.
  • Dry cloth or duster.
  • Cleaning fluid (isopropyl alcohol).
  • Cotton buds.
  • Can of compressed air or vacuum cleaner.
  • Flat tip screwdriver (optional for thorough clean).

Second, the quick and easy guide:

  • First, be sure to turn off your computer before proceeding with the cleaning or disconnect your keyboard from your computer.
  • Hold it upside down to release any debris from in between the keys. Slightly pressing the keys will help to release it.
  • Use your can of compressed air to blow the dust or any debris around the keys or use a vacuum to suck all dirts.
  • Take one of your cotton buds and put a drop of small cleaning liquid, remember not to drop any liquid directly into the keyboard cause it might cause some damage.
  • Use your cotton bud with cleaning liquid to clean the sides of the keys. If you are a very patient person you can take off all the keys and clean it one by one to give your keyboard a more thorough cleaning.
  • After you are done cleaning the sides of the keys, take your lint free cloth and also put a cleaning liquid onto it.
  • Now, wipe the surface of your keyboard using the lint free cloth with cleaning liquid.
  • When you are done wiping the sides and the surface of your keyboard keys wipe it with a dry cloth.

You should now have a nice and clean keyboard. 🙂