How To Effectively Recover Deleted Files

Undoubtedly to most of us, computers are already a common part of our daily lives. Aside from its common usage, it also become the safe keeper of our important documents and files. Some also back up their files in cloud server, but that’s another story.
In some cases, when your computer failed to keep your files due to system malfunction, virus attack, accidental formatting, software crash, and other instances, do not fret. Should it be a goodbye to all your files? It personally happened to me, and will let you know what happened.

Scenario #1

Whenever we use our digital camera, I move all the pics from the camera to the computer for editing and safe keeping, and also to give space for next use.

The thing is, I do a lot of things in my computer. I visit a lot of sites due to the nature of my job. Little that I know, my computer was hit by a virus, and it silently corrupted all the files in my drive including all the pics I stored.

Scenario #2

Last March, we gifted the kids with a camera phone. Knowing that they are excited to use it, I let them capture some of the moments from the graduation rite and the celebration after. A few days after, my wife took the phone from them to check all the pics and realized it’s gone. Not a single one left!

My wife hurried back to me. I double check, and from the look of it, it seems that the kids accidentally formatted the SD card or the SD card is not working well.

Don’t feel bad for me. In both scenarios, all the files were recovered. =)

I know the next question is how. I used this free data recovery software by EaseUs and it didn’t let me down, twice! Check it out guys! It retrieved all the files in no time.

From their website:free data recovery

The instruction is simple and easy to follow and you can do it by yourself, so you don’t have to worry in hiring someone to do it for you.

There are 3 modes of recovery, and you just have to check where your case is.

recover deleted files

If you are here because you are finding ways to retrieve your files, you can now breathe because your problem is solved.

But if you’re here because you are on the reading mode, it is still worth to check it out. You won’t know when this recovery tool becomes handy.