How To Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog Box In Windows 8

In Windows 8, when you delete a file, it will automatically go into Recycle Bin without asking for confirmation. Its not a mandatory, but a default feature of Windows 8. Microsoft learned based on their research that most users click “Yes” so they have removed the extra step of confirming.

While this may be useful, some people think that the confirmation box is necessary as a guard from unaware or accidental deleting of files. If you want to configure the default settings, below you can find quick steps to do it.

2 Easy steps to bring back the delete confirmation dialog box in Windows 8

1. Switch to Desktop then Right click Recycle Bin and select Properties

windows 8 recycle bin

2. Put a check on Display delete confirmation dialog option and click OK to apply the change.

delete confirmation dialog

3. It’s done! you have now successfully brought back the delete confirmation on your Windows 8 machine.

windows 8 delete confirmation dialog